Curiosities About Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are one of the most beautiful and amazing species of whales, due to their special characteristics. They are part of the baleen whale family and they can be found in all oceans and numerous seas in the world. Humpback whales are very energetic and acrobatic, despite their large dimensions. They can jump out of the water at about 12 meters in the air. A humpback whale adult can measure between 40-50 feet and their weight can reach between 25 to 40 tons.

A female humpback whale can give birth to a baby whale every two or three years, with a gestation period of twelve months. The calf is fed with milk, which is very fat, helping the baby to gain weight every day.

The calf can eat solid food after one year. The menu of humpback whales include krill and numerous types of small fish. An adult whale eats almost two tons of fish every day.

After a long period in which humpback whales were hunt by early whalers, an international interdiction was given in 1966 to stop their killing. Currently, the whale population is increasing.

Another fact about humpback whales is that they spend the summer season near the polar oceans and migrate to the tropical areas of the oceans during the winter season, where they mate and give birth to babies. Their trips are sometimes 8000 km long, making the humpback whales one of the species that migrate on the longest distances.

To understand whale migration, researchers settled devices to monitor whales in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, following them between 2003 and 2010. The study showed that despite the surface currents, storms or other marine events, humpback whales follow the same route and never deviate more than 5 degrees from their straight route. In the last years, numerous companies organize whale watching tours for tourists that can enjoy their magnificent jumping shows near the shores of Hawaii Islands or Australia.

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