Taxonomy Of Right Whale

Studying whales can be very interesting and yet overwhelming. These creatures of the ocean have been existing for thousands of years and even though people start to learn more and more about them, the truth is that there is still more to discover. Here one can read more about the taxonomy of the right whale and one can find out more information about the species to which this whale belongs.

The right whale is a term generally used to describe three different species of whales appertaining to the Balanidae family in the Cetacea order. One of these separate species comprises of the bowhead whale which was given its own genus in 1821, namely Balaena. Another genus is called Eubalaena and it consists of other three species commonly referred to as the Balaenoptera. Specialists have, along the time, recognized more important differences between the Eubalaena and the bowhead whale and this is why they have been for a very long time now described as belonging to two genera. In what the Eubalaena genus is concerned, specialists have always distinguished three different species of right whales. Yet, this argument had been challenged for quite some times. At first, there was thought to exist only one Eubalaena species but later on several differences in the morphology of the skull or other physical characteristics led to the assumption that there are at least two species within this genus. This led to the distinction between the northern hemisphere Eubalaena and the southern hemisphere Eubalaena.

Finally, by 2005, there were officially three species of right whales in the Eubalaena genera. These assumptions were first started in 1998 by While Rice after observing that the southern whale was indeed a different species and that the northern hemisphere hosted actually two different species of right whale, one in the northern hemisphere Pacific and the other in northern hemisphere Atlantic.

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