Right Whale Life

Whales are often considered one of the largest mysteries of the ocean and right whales are just a small part of this mystery which seems to be gradually unveiled to the large public. There have been many years since this species of whales has existed on our planet and there has also been plenty of time to discover more about their own characteristics and what differentiates them from other species of whales. Here one can find out more about the right whale life, in particular about the reproduction, lifespan, swimming as well as parasitism.

Reproduction ensures the continuity of a species, no matter what kind of species we are actually talking about and this makes it very important. With regards to the right whale, it is estimated that females become able to reproduce at 6 to 12 years. They are known to breed once in 3 to 5 years, each time during the winter months and gestation takes 1 year long. The baby whales, referred to as calves, weigh nearly 1 t when they get born and they are not longer than 20 ft. they will grow most rapidly during their first year of life and they are weaned after about 8 months.

The lifespan of the right whale remains one of the many mysteries when it comes to these species. A little is known about the right whale life span but specialists estimate that they are able to live up to 70 years old and by comparison with other whales, this age might however be exceeded. These whales also swim slowly and they rarely swim faster than 5 kn. They are however known to be quite acrobatic and breach, lobtail as well as tail-slap. As far as the parasitism on right whales is concerned, one can say that this is one of the distinguishing characteristics of these animals. their skin often features gray-whit patches which are known to be formed by colonies of whale lice.

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