Right Whale Facts

The right whale is a whale that may have gotten its name base on the fact that many whalers figured that this was the ‘right’ whale to hunt due to its commercial worth. This was back in the days when whale oil was a popular oil to use. For whalers who hunt these type of whales they are seen as easy targets because of the fact that they float when they are dead and because of their size they are easily distinguished. Right whales also swim relatively slowly compared to other whales and this adds to their vulnerability in the wild. Right whales are bulky baleen whales that have a distinguishable appearance. The upper and lower jaws of the right whale are very curved which allow the baleen plates that the whales have to be enclosed while they are swimming. The upper jaw of the right whale is also narrow and the whale is usually covered with hard patches of skin on the area of the face. The poaching of this particular type of whale has been going on for centuries now and this has made the right whale one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Though Blue Whales are a type of right whale the color of the right whale is most often black with a white patch on the belly. The right whale is an interesting creature when it comes to wounds that are visible on the skin of the whale. These wounds can appear orange because of infection. The orange coloration of a right whales wounds come from cyamids which are whale lice. The right whale’s highly visible hardened skin patches on its face are called callosities. In addition to the face these callosities can be found near the blowhole of the whale and by its eyes. Another interesting point when it comes to right whales is their absence of dorsal fins.