Threats To Right Whales

As any other species in the world, the right whale may be threatened by different human activities. This has been an issue in which specialist try to increase the awareness and it has been the result of the technological development that has allowed the human kind to get into places that naturally do not belong to him. Unfortunately, in many cases humans do more harm than good and the right whales may be at risk of falling victims to different actions that people undertake and harm the whales, and not only the right whale. Here are two potential right whale threats.

The number one cause of mortality among rights whales in the North Atlantic has been shown to be closely connected to ships. The North Atlantic right whale is known to be actively migrating into the ocean through some of the most used and popular shipping lanes, putting them at risk of being struck by ships. It is estimated that between 1970 and 1999 there were at least 16 right whale struck by ships. Drawing on the reports of the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, three quarters of the total number of deaths registered among right whales since 1970 were caused by ship strikes. This number could have easily increased and could have potentially endangered the species. Yet, the NOAA has introduced clear rules regarding the protection of this species and trying to avoid the increasing toll in their death.

Secondly, right whales seem to be more and more often the victims of fishing gear. The whales often get trapped and entangled in fishing gear and this might eventually lead to their death. As these whales eat plankton with their open mouths they are at an increased risk of getting entangled in any net or rope. Fortunately, many of the entangled whales have been observed to get themselves untangled but those who cannot do so risk dying within few months.

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