Orca Whale Facts

The orca whale, or the killer whale, is striking mammal with its black and white coloration that makes it one of the most distinguishable whales known on earth. This whale has been studied in the wild by many and is often seen at aquariums as the main attraction. What sets the orca whale apart from many other whales is its teeth and the fact that it is a carnivore often feeding on seals and large fish. In addition to this there are many other facts about killer whales that make it one of the most astonishing creatures on earth. The killer whale is one of the fastest whales and can reach high speeds in the pursuit of prey in its natural habitat. The orca whale is also distinguished by the white, oval shaped present above and behind its eyes. These markings are similar to fingerprints in reference to this whale and help researchers to distinguish different whales from each other.

In addition to this other distinctive features of the killer whale are its dorsal fins. These can reach a length of over 6 feet and are shaped like triangles. A long dorsal fin is seen on the immature killer whales as well with length of up to 3 feet but is curved in most cases. The full grown killer whale can reach a length of 32 feet and can weigh around 9 tons. As opposed to many other whales in the ocean the female killer whale is often smaller than the male and only reaches about 23 feet in length and weighs around 4 tons. Both male and female orca whales have stout and streamlined bodies that are ideal for speed as well as a straight mouth lines and rounded heads. If you want to see an orca whale up close an aquarium near you most likely has one available.

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