About Orca Whales

Coming from the Latin classification name of Orcinus orca, the orca whales have begun to become a popular target for those who would like to capture whale pictures of the giant animals in the ocean. Also known by the common names of blackfish and killer whales, the orca can be located in any ocean and feeds on a wide variety of prey, including fish seals, other whales, and other types of marine animals that are found in various locations. The killer whales are considered to be social animals and are thought to communicate with each other during times of hunting.

Some species of the orca whales have been listed on lists of endangered species, but the lack of adequate taxonomy makes estimating population numbers quite difficult. In addition to general loss of habitat, other factors have seen the social animals decline in their numbers. Humans often capture the large whales for use in marine parks and the amount of prey in certain areas has decreased rapidly due to water pollution and other factors. In areas where resident groups have gotten smaller, preservation efforts have been implemented to stop the recession of orca whales.

Because the orca whales can be found in every ocean, many whale watching trips have concentrated on this particular group of whales. In addition, the label of killer whales makes them a much more attractive sight than other whales and their particular brand of ocean antics can make a spectacular sight on the open seas. Most whale watching expeditions in the United States are located on the Pacific coast where the whales have established patterns of movement that make them easier to locate. The black and white patterns of the orca whales make them easy to identify and the longer lifetimes make it possible to track single specimens over an extended course of time.

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