Humpback Whale Song

There are many interesting humpback whale facts to note but among the most interesting is the humpback's ability to sing while under water. Many researchers have documented whale song and have noted that the humpback whale effectively sings long complicated songs while swimming in its natural habitat. It is also interesting to note that whole populations of whales sing different songs on different sides of North America. While the humpback whales in the North American Atlantic ocean sing one particular song, all of the whales in the North American Pacific ocean sing a different song but one that is the same among this population. These songs can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and can be repeated on a continuous basis for hours on end. Humpback Whale Song also tends to gradually change from year to year in the different oceans that these whales live in. As the females do not sing and only the males do many researchers and scientists believe that this may be a mating ritual that the humpback whale engages on a frequent basis. Beyond this little is known about the singing of these whales besides its beauty.

In addition to humpback whale song, another one of the many interesting whale facts includes how acrobatic these whales can be. Humpback whales practice breaching very frequently and the act of breaching is when the whales jump completely out of the water. This is a very spectacular task for a creature so large which gives testament to the strength of the humpback whales. The whales also can swim on their back and can put both flippers in the air while doing it. Many researchers and scientists have speculated as to why these actions occur in the humpback whale population and some have concluded that this may be an important method of communication for the whales.

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