Killer Whales Facts

For centuries, orca whales inspired fear in the hearts of men and their ferocity determined people to call them killer whales. Their scientific name Orca Orcinus comes form Orcus the roman god of death and the dark world, known as 'the one who punishes'.

But even without this reputation, orca whales are hard to ignore. They are beautiful and have a distinctive color and shape. They can reach almost 10 meters and 10 tons in weight.

Orca whales are part of the toothed whales category and they can be found in all the oceans of the world, from the Arctic Ocean to tropical waters.

Killer whales are not exactly whales, because they belong to the Delphiniade family and they are the largest species of dolphins. Orcas never hunt people and they are somewhat easy to tame. An interesting thing about killer whales is that they can hunt other species of whales.

This is where their reputation comes from. They frequently attack other sea animals, regardless their size. They eat almost everything they can catch: seals, otters, sea lions, fish, squids, birds, beluga whales, grey whales, sperm whales or even blue whales. The great white shark is also on their menu.

In the areas with very cold climate, killer whales hit the large blocks of ice where other animals rest, trying to turn them over and push the animals into the water. The orca whales also have another hunting strategy, they create waves so that the pray can fall from the ice block.

The behavior of the killer whales prove a lot of creativity, ingenuity and opportunism besides their natural carnivorous role, so they definitely deserve their reputation as a fearful predator. They have no enemies.

Killer orcas are very social and they hunt in groups and every group has their specific hunting techniques.

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