The Humpback Whale

Whales are among the largest animals on earth. The blue whale is actually the largest animal that has ever lived on our planet. They are gentle, intelligent animals, that mostly feed with microorganisms in the ocean, except for the predator ones like the killer whales.

The humpback whale has a length of 13-14 meters and it can reach a weight of about 25-30 tons. The color of the humpback whale is dark blue with a lighter shade of blue (almost white sometimes). Although it is a very heavy animal, this species of whale is famous for its very high jumps, being able to completely jump out of the water.

Another amazing fact about the humpback whale is that when they sing, their songs can be heard by other whales on a distance of over 160 km and although its enormous size, humpback whales have the most lazy metabolism.

The humpback whales is a native singer and acrobat, even if this is very hard to believe. Its song is very suggestive for the mysteries of the deep sea and there are numerous recordings of their songs. Every population of humpback whales has its own specific sound which suffers modifications every year. Nobody knows exactly what is the purpose of their songs. After a few studies have been made, scientists reached the conclusion that single males can be heard more often and this might be a way to find their mate. Scientists believe that every song contains a message. The voice of the humpback whales is very strong.

Almost half of all humpback whales populations gather around the Hawaii Islands at the end of November every year till the month of May and they make a real show for tourists and ships. They can even jump up to 12 meters in the air, falling back in the water, making a very powerful sound.

Humpback whales are part of the same family as the blue whale, the fin whale, the minke whale and the sei whale. They are also part of the baleen whale category. The scientific name of the humpback whale is Megaptera Novaeangliae.

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