Humpback Whale Facts

The humpback whale is one of the members of the baleen whale family which also includes the right whale and the blue whale. These types of whales have a couple of characteristics in common including having dorsal fins on the back and pleats running down the length of its belly starting from the area of the jaw. What distinguishes humpback whales from other baleen whales and from other humpback whales in general is the coloration on its dorsal and tail fins. These fins vary in color for all humpback whales just as fingerprints vary with humans. One of the interesting humpback whale facts comes from this discovery as many humpback whales are now identified and cataloged based on the different coloration of the fins. This has led to the discovery of much of the information that is known about the humpback whale today.

The humpback whales have broad heads when they are viewed from the top but the profile view of the humpback is very thin in comparison with other baleen whales. The body of the humpback is not as streamlined as many of the other baleen whales in addition to this. The body of a humpback whale is also very round throughout most of the body but it slims at the tail end. Another distinguishing feature present with humpback whales is found with the bumpy knobs that are present on the jaws of the creature. These bumpy knobs each have one hair which may help the humpback whale to sense things in the water such as its location or vibrations. The humpback whale also has various grooves on its underbelly which are not found in other baleen whales. In addition to this the color of the body is black on the upper side of the humpback whale but transitions to a lighter black and then on to white on its underbelly making the humpback one of the most varied whales in terms of color.

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