The Issue of Whales and Whaling

Whaling is defined as the hunting of whales and this activity occurred for many thousands of years, and it still occurs to a much smaller degree in today's times. When it comes to whales and whaling for many countries around the world, in the times before whaling was illegal the plight of the whales that were becoming extinct was not a top priority. Whale was used for its many resources including oil and meat, and this fueled many whalers to seek to do harm to as many whales as possible for profit. Many coastal communities took to harvesting beached whales in these times to gather its resources before whaling fleets were created around the 17th century. During the early days of whaling fleets the whales were plentiful and there was not much competition for them but during the 18th and 19th centuries came a lot more competition for a lot less whales. With the increase in technology in the years to come whaling became less of a sport and more of an act of genocide as new techniques emerged to kill whales more effectively and in more abundance. It was not until 1986 that the whaling commission banned commercial whaling practices but this was only so that stocks would recover from the damage that having less whales caused. This is why many whale species have low numbers today which have not raised much.

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