Right Whale Anatomy

The right whale has often been the subject of various studies when it comes to whales. It has been known to exist for several millions of years now and this is what partially has made it so interesting for specialists from all over the world. There are several characteristics that are special only to the right whale and here people can read more about these. Read on and find out more interesting info about the anatomy of the right whales.

Truly special about the right whale are the callosities. The callosities are roughened patches of skin which cannot be seen in any other whales. They are usually present of the head. Moreover, the back of the right whale is commonly broad and it does not feature a dorsal fin. It does however have white belly patches, although it may very well not feature these patches. Also specific to the right whale is the long arching mouth which commonly starts right above the eye. It is thought that callosities are most likely to be white because of the large colonies of whale lice, otherwise known as cyamids which are common in this type of whales.

The right whale anatomy can reveal several interesting facts about the right whales. Specialists argue that they can reach 59 ft in length when they become adults and they can weigh up to 73 tons. The average length of the right whale is however 52 ft which makes this species significantly larger than grays or humpbacks but smaller than blue whales. Moreover, it has been shown that among the three species of right whales, the north Pacific one is the largest. Right whales also have a distinctive blow shaped in the V form and which is largely caused by the widely spaced blowholes on the right whale's head.

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